Credentials policy


The accreditation policy will be mandatory for anyone who has requested or received an accreditation for the Ciudad de Pozoblanco Tennis Open.

  • The accreditation is non-transferable and cannot be altered or copied.
  • Accreditation may be revoked at any time for failure to comply with the rules.
  • The areas of the tournament venue that the accredited person may access will be those that are authorized for accreditation and are necessary for compliance with the tasks related to the purpose of accreditation.
  • Without prior approval no content may be filmed, photographed, broadcast or disseminated. audiovisual of the tournament (the exception is the media duly accredited and expressly authorized tournament personnel).
  • It is not permitted to distribute or transmit results or statistical data of matches with commercial or betting purposes.
  • The use of personal computers or electronic devices on the tennis courts is prohibited. game (spectator area), except for authorized personnel.
  • No video, audio, text or photography from the official Tournament website (https://www.tenispozoblanco.com) may be reproduced in any other medium without prior consent.
  • Personal data protection:
    Personal data (including photography) provided by people accredited will only be used to create the accreditations.
  • Information telephone: